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                Home > News > HCH News > HCH Successfully Hosting 2017 New Year Cocktail Party

                HCH Successfully Hosting 2017 New Year Cocktail Party

                On Jan. 11th 2017, HCH invited global famous supplier and customer representatives to attend 2017 supplier seminar, 2000ppm sanitary napkin machine site display and new year cocktail party.
                In Jan. 11th afternoon more than 80 supplier and customer representatives from home and aboard came to HCH new plant, they visited 10,000㎡ CNC machine center and watched 2000ppm sanitary napkin machine site display. This machine embodies a centralized reflection of high speed, high efficiency, stability, modularization and intelligentize which is on behalf of world advanced lever. At the following supplier seminar, HCH engineers had an intense discussion on some technical matter with supplier and customer representatives. They also had some positive communication on how to get further corporation and effective technical upgrade to each other, to discuss how to bring greater value to our customer.
                On that night, HCH hold 2017 New Year Cocktail Party in the new office building. Back in 2016, and outlook for 2017.

                2017 Supplier Seminar Site

                Supplier and customer representatives visit CNC workshop

                2000ppm sanitary napkin machine site display

                Seminar site communicatin

                Cocktail party

                Guests group photo